Development of Mechano-Chemical Processes for the Production of Biopolymer-Based Cellular Dosage Forms

Researcher: István Budai PhD


Background: since 2005 I have been working on the production of cellular structures - foams, emulsions, in 2017 we created a pharmaceutical foam by mechanical mixing. 

Aim: The biopolymer matrix capsule with a cellular structure to be developed is intended for medicinal use. By using a natural matrix, it is possible to replace the commonly used PEG, which causes allergies in many patients. The composite to be developed will reduce the ecological footprint of production. For patients suffering from diseases, the composite could have a positive impact by reducing the side effects caused by the carrier substances of the drugs. The cellular structure promotes the use of fewer active ingredients and more efficient absorption. This is important in many diseases as individualised dosing improves therapy.  

Realisation: DE Faculty of Technology Materials Technology Laboratory

Last update: 2023. 09. 05. 15:03