On the job training - employee engagement - innovation

Researcher: Judit T. Kiss PhD


The process of globalisation, the rise of knowledge-intensive industries and knowledge economies increase competition even more than before and increases the importance of competitiveness. The challenges that arise in the life of the company and the market competition act as an incentive to use the production factors and resources as efficiently as possible. In the process of production and service provision, the decision regarding the factors to be used is influenced by several environmental elements. At the same time, the decision itself also influences its environment. In addition to the traditionally considered resources, knowledge embodied in humans, human capital, and the level of investments in human capital are becoming more critical. At the same time, establishing the conditions for a sustainable economy and development raises the need for using natural and renewable resources, which is related to the social responsibility of companies.

- Investing in human capital, researching the importance of on-the-job training, corporate human capital investment (corporate training), the relationship between employee engagement, motivation and innovation opportunities; exploring the success factors of corporate innovation.
- Examining corporate social responsibility.


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