The diploma is an official document decorated with the coat of arms of Hungary, which verifies the successful completion of studies in the Engineering Management master’s program. The diploma contains the following data: name of HEI (higher education institution); institutional identification number; serial number of diploma; the name of diploma holder; date and place of his/her birth; level of qualification; training program; specialization; mode of attendance; place, day, month and year issued. Furthermore, it has to contain the Rector’s (or Vice-Rector’s) original signature and the seal of HEI. The University keeps a record of the diplomas issued.

Within 30 days of the successful final exam, the diploma is issued and given out by the Faculty at the graduate’s special request. Otherwise, the diploma will be awarded to him/her at the graduation ceremony of the Faculty. 

The graduation ceremony is in the fall semester usually in the first few days in February, in the spring semester in the first few days of July. 


Calculating diploma grade for students with a starting date February 2022 or before: Calculating diploma grade for students with a starting date September 2022 and after:






A: Average of the grades of the subjects of the final exam
B: Grade awarded for defending the thesis

A: The (cumulative) weighted average calculated over the whole period of study

B: Average of the grades for the oral parts of the final exam

C: Grade awarded for defending thesis on the final exam


Classification of the award:


With Honours The qualification of the diploma is "with honours" where a student obtained grade 5 in all subjects of the final exam and all his/her grades during his/her studies are not worse than grade 4.
Outstanding  4,81 – 5,00
Excellent 4,51 – 4,80
Good 3,51 – 4,50
Satisfactory 2,51 – 3,50
Pass 2,00 – 2,50


Graduation letter

Upon the graduands' request following their successful state exam, a so-called graduation letter may be issued, which certifies the successful state exam and confirms that the degree certificate is being issued. The graduation letter is a temporary certificate, which loses its validity either when you receive your degree certificate or 30 days after the exam.
The graduation letter is issued by the Student Administration Center upon the student’s request. Please only request it if you are officially required to prove - before collecting your degree certificate - that you have passed the state exam.
If you have to request the graduation letter, you may contact the Student Administration Center (“Hallgatói Adminisztrációs Központ”) at least 5 working days after your successful exam: hak@unideb.hu


After you have received the degree certificate

Only one original copy of the degree certificate is issued (in Hungarian and in English). Upon the student's special request a certified true copy of the degree certificate (along with diploma supplement) can be requested in International Office, Faculty of Engineering.
The diploma supplement provides further information, e.g. the level of qualification, programme requirements, modules or units studied along with grades and credits obtained.
Due to some recurring cases of these document being damaged by careless actions in the past, we would like to draw your attention to the importance of keeping these documents intact.
Please make sure that the documents mentioned above remain in their original state once you receive them, do not try to take apart the binding or laminate the pages, because they will immediately lose their validity upon any modification.
Requesting and issuing a new copy of these documents is a very complicated and expensive process, so please take these pieces of advice seriously.

Information about the legalisation procedure of documents to be used abroad.

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