Credit transfer

 The Rules and Regulations of the University of Debrecen offers students the possibility to transfer credits from previous university studies if the content of the previously completed subject and the course offered by UD shows a minimum 75% equivalency (Rules and Regulations, University of Debrecen, 12.§, 2006).
Please read and compare the course descriptions in the bulletin carefully. The bulletins are available here.
Please note, only subjects completed in university training programme are acceptable!
You can request the credit transfer by uploading to the e-learning system under the relevant subject all documents necessary to make a decision. If you would like to transfer several subjects you have to upload the transcript to each of the subjects, as the reviews are made by different professors. 

Where can I upload the documents?

In the e-learning system you can find the subject "Credit transfer (Engineering Management MSc)". You can find it under the subjects of the Department of Engineering Management and Enterprise. Students can register for the course on their own. 

What do I have to upload?
(1)    transcript of records, to certify the completion and the grade,
(2)    course description, to certify the overlapping of the previous and actual subject content.

If you would like to add remarkes or notes, please upload it in a separated file. 
Solely requests with complete documentation will be evaluated!

How to present course descriptions?
-    The most reliable source is a link to the previous university website that contains the subject’s name and code. (Please copy the link into a word document)
-    Official course description with the stamp of the previous university (scanned). 
-    Bulletin of the previous training programme (link or scan) with exact page number.

Course descriptions are often not available in English, only in the language of education. In this case please upload the original description (link or file) and also a translation. If you don’t have an official translation about the description, please prepare one with google translate, and upload both original and translation. 

What is the deadline for uploading the documents? 
Deadline for credit transfer request is

Sunday, 19th February, 2023.

Should I register for a subject I would like to transfer? 
Yes, it is important to register for the subject. In case of a rejection you could miss more lectures than allowed, therefore, you have to register for the courses and you have to attend the classes till you see in the neptun system the transfer of the course! When registering the transferred grade, the administration will drop the course for you.  

How many subjects can I transfer? 
At least 1/3 of the total number of credits should be obtained in the current institution! As the total number of credit points on your program is 120, the maximum number of transferable credit points is 80!  
Please note the courses Physical Education, Work and Fire Safety and MSc Thesis II cannot be transferred!            

Can I transfer subjects as optional subjects? 
If you completed a subject in another master’s programme, but these are not equivalent to any of the compulsory subjects, you can transfer them as optional subjects. Please note, only a subject of a master programme can be transferred as optional. 


Please note! If you have questions regarding the pre-master courses (defined in your acceptance letter), you should send an email to with the transcript and course description you believe can redeem the prescribed pre-master course!

Last update: 2023. 09. 27. 11:38