Industrial Internship

Engineering Management MSc students have to undertake a 4-week internship. The course related to internship must be signed up for previously via NEPTUN at the beginning of spring semester (MK5SZGYM00MX18-EN, Industrial internship). Completing internship is one of the requirements of graduation.

Please note finding an appropriate internship place is time-consuming and difficult, therefore students are encouraged to start seeking a placement on time.


Aim of the internship

Students get acquainted with professional work in conformity with their degree program at the company or institution and join the daily work process. They have to resolve tasks independently assigned by their supervisor and gain experiences which may be utilized later in the labour market.
During internship general and specific competences may be acquired.
General competences: precisely work to schedule either individually or in team, applying correct technical terms.
Specific competences: practical application of the professional skills acquired during the studies and acquiring new knowledge.


Places suitable for internship

All the organizations, institutions and companies are suitable for internship which provide students with the opportunity to get acquainted with professional work in conformity with the Engineering Management MSc degree program and join the daily work process. Students have to resolve tasks independently assigned by their supervisor and gain experiences which may be utilized later in the labour market.

Places where students have recently undertaken internship can be found here.

Recent offers from our partner companies


You can use these databases: 

Erasmus Intern, EATON

On many job-search pages you can find traineeship positions, e. g. OnlineCV or Glassdoor

Documents necessary for starting and completing internship

After students have found a suitable internship place, the documents below need to be submitted.
Please note documents should uploaded scanned in the e-learning system under the subject Industrial Internship (MK5SZGYM00MX18-EN)
Initiating internship at the company and providing for the documents from the company is the student’s duty. 

Documents necessary in any case:

document     copy     signer(s)   submission deadline submission
DECLARATION OF ACCEPTANCE FOR INTERNSHIP 1 company          continuously via elearning
PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT SHEET 1 company in spring semester: first week in September, in fall semester: 31 January via elearning
Other data supply        
"Internship data" about the details of the internship     Questionnaire in the e-learning course.  via elearning


Before applying for an internship place and upon the student’s special request the International Office of Faculty of Engineering can issue a certificate which proves that internship is mandatory and an integral part of the course of studies. In this matter please contact Ms Zita Szilágyi in room 122 or via email ( ).

Other documents (optional)
Certain documents are not obligatory, but you can ask for a sample if the company requires.

(1) According to Hungarian Law concluding an agreement between the company and the university only in case of a 6-week internship is obligatory. If the company requires an agreement, please let Ms Ágnes György via email ( ) or in person (Ótemető str, 1st floor, 107.). Please specify whether the company is a Hungarian one or is abroad. 

(2) In certain cases the company gives students insight into confidential documents, so it can happen, the company prefers to conclude a confidentiality agreement with the student/university. If you need a relevant agreement, please inform the Department via email ( ).


In case of any questions arising from internship, please kindly turn to Ms Judit Bak ( , room 106).

Updated: 2022.05.12.

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