Industrial Internship

Engineering Management MSc students have to undertake a 4-week internship. The course related to internship must be signed up for previously via NEPTUN at the beginning of spring semester (MK5SZGYM00MX18-EN, Industrial internship). Completing internship is one of the requirements of graduation.

Please note finding an appropriate internship place is time-consuming and difficult, therefore students are encouraged to start seeking a placement on time.

Aim of the internship

Students get acquainted with professional work in conformity with their degree program at the company or institution and join the daily work process. They have to resolve tasks independently assigned by their supervisor and gain experiences which may be utilized later in the labour market.
During internship general and specific competences may be acquired.
General competences: precisely work to schedule either individually or in team, applying correct technical terms.
Specific competences: practical application of the professional skills acquired during the studies and acquiring new knowledge.

Places suitable for internship

All the organizations, institutions and companies are suitable for internship which provide students with the opportunity to get acquainted with professional work in conformity with the Engineering Management MSc degree program and join the daily work process. Students have to resolve tasks independently assigned by their supervisor and gain experiences which may be utilized later in the labour market.

Recent offers from our partner companies

You can use these databases: Erasmus Intern, EATON

On many job-search pages you can find traineeship positions, e. g. OnlineCV or Glassdoor

Before applying for an internship place and upon the student’s special request the International Office of Faculty of Engineering can issue a certificate which proves that internship is mandatory and an integral part of the course of studies. In this matter please contact Ms Zita Szilágyi in room 122 or via email (

According to Hungarian Law concluding an agreement between the company and the university is obligatory only in case of a 6-weeks internship, if the lenght of the internship is just 4 weeks, the agreement is not compulsory.

 If the company requires even so an agreement, please send the DECLARATION OF ACCEPTANCE FOR INTERNSHIP form (filled out and signed by the company) to Ms Ágnes György via email ( or in person (Ótemető str, 1st floor, 107.). Please specify whether the company is a Hungarian one or is abroad. She will get in contact with the company regarding the agreement. 

In addition to the agreement between the company and the university, the company may also conclude a separate contract with the student.

Key tasks of the internship
Students should become familiar with the most important management decisions, the tasks and operating conditions of the business, the different methods and techniques used, to the level of depth that the manager considers appropriate, in the host company (organisation).

Students will be able to contribute to the work of the enterprise (organisation) on the basis of the knowledge they have acquired during their studies in the following areas:

  • management information system and its operation,
  • the organisational and operational system of the enterprise,
  • the strategy and business of the enterprise,
  • the technological processes of the enterprise
  • methods of human resources management,
  • control and controlling processes,
  • financial planning and control processes,
  • accounting and management processes,
  • management processes and methods,
  • quality management systems and methods,
  • methods of business communication and negotiation techniques,
  • marketing activities,
  • incentive and motivation systems,
  • taxation and social security practices,
  • the practical application of information technology and computer skills.

It is particularly important to emphasise that students should not be involved in the life of the host company as visitors, but as active participants. They should be given concrete tasks to be solved and completed. Help and support the management in its work, so that they can learn about its real practical problems. Participate in meetings and business negotiations to gain experience for their previous theoretical studies and to prepare for the most important challenges and tasks after graduation.

During the traineeship, as students, do their utmost to support the objectives of the host company and to develop their own integration practices and adaptability. It is advisable to familiarise themselves with the different departments of the company (production, management, sales, human resources, labour, etc.). They can be involved in operational tasks, preparing decisions, planning, measuring and preparing analyses. It is essential that they become familiar with the methods used to prepare business plans.


After completing the internship, the student finishes the tasks related to the internship by filling in a form and uploading the necessary documents, which includes: 

  • Data concerning the placement

The details of the internship will be recorded in the neptun system and this information will be included in the Diploma Supplement, so please take extra care when providing the requested information (e.g. company name, dates, etc.).
If the internship is not completed consecutively or not in full-time, please provide the start date of the whole period and the end date of the whole period, even if it is longer than 4 weeks. 

For example, if you work at the company 4 hours a day for 2 months e.g. from 1 July till end of August, please indicate 1 July as the start date and 30 August as the end date on the form.

  • Proof of completion and evaluation

After completion of the internship, the student must send the company the CERTIFICATE AND PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT SHEET (for download click on the name of the document). Once the evaluation form has been completed and signed by the company, the student uploads the document on this form
The student's professionalism, human attitude, diligence, ability to integrate and the effectiveness of the performance of specific tasks during the internship will be evaluated.




Completion of internship for students with an employment contract

The internship can be substituted by permanent employment, provided that the duties at the workplace are related to management. In such a case, the form below must be filled out, including the following information: 

  • Details of the internship

Even in the case of permanent employment, it is still necessary to record data on the internship in the neptun system, so please indicate on the form a 4 weeks period during which the employment was maintained. The details of the internship will also be included in the Diploma Supplement, so please take extra care when entering the requested information (e.g. company name, dates, etc.)

  • Certificate about employment (munkáltatói igazolás)

It is issued by the company's HR department. 

The form is available here:

In case of any questions arising from internship, please kindly turn to Ms Judit Bak (, room 204).

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