Final exam

Final exam

Students having completed all necessary subjects will finish their studies in the Engineering Management master’s (MSc) program by taking the final exam. Final exam means the testing and evaluating of the knowledge (skills) necessary to obtain higher education qualification. In the final exam candidates prove that they can apply the acquired knowledge. Requirements of the training program contain the preconditions on taking the final exam and the procedure of the final exam itself. Final exam can be taken in the first final exam period after completing all subjects defined in the curriculum.


Conditions on taking the final exam:
    - obtaining the credit points defined in the requirements and the curriculum of the program (120 credits),
    - fulfilling requirements to which no credit points have previously been assigned (for e.g. Work and Fire Safety Course, Physical Education, internship),
    - thesis reviewed and accepted by the reviewers.


Registration to the final exam

You have to sign up for the final exam two ways: (1) by filling out the registration form, (2) by registering for the final exam period in the neptun system between 16 Febr, 2022 - 27 March, 2022.

In your neptun please go to "Administration", "Final exams". To register for a final exam period, please click on the icon at the end of the row, and select "Register/Edit registration" in the menu. 

In order to take the final exam, please note:

  • If you have unpaid items (also tuition fees or library fines) on Neptun, please pay them off.
  • You have to complete the subject Work and Fire Safety Training (except if you completed it during your BSc at UD).
  • You need one semester of Physical Education signed on Neptun.
  • You need to complete 6 credit points of optional courses (Please, check carefully the credit points of each subject, as some have 2 credits!)


The date of the final exam

Final exam will be on 8-9 June, 2022 (for each student either 8th or 9th).

For deadlines and tasks please check the website "Closing the final semester"!


Parts of the final exam:

Part 1: Defending thesis, answering to possible questions, remarks
Students review their thesis in 8-10 minutes with a ppt file. The file must be uploaded to the e-learning system together with the thesis. 

Suggested structure of the presentation:
1. slide: Title of the thesis, name, date
2. slide: Structure of the thesis
3. slide: Company/organization presentation
4., 5., 6. slide: Own research work, results
7. slide: Suggestions
8. slide: Thank you for your attention!


Part 2: Oral exams

Oral exam 1: Integrated Management Module: Advanced Corporate Finance, Advanced Operation Management, Advanced Quality Management, Project Management.

Oral exam 2: Engineering modules depending on the specialization:

Engineering Module – Industrial Process Engineering Specialization: Production Technologies, Manufacturing Cells, Fuzzy Logic, Computer System Engineering.

Engineering Module – Construction Industry Specialization: Energy-Conscious Architecture, Building Energetics, Reconstruction, Construction Management.

Engineering Module – Material Handling and Logistics Specialization: Advanced Production Logistics, Digital Logistics, Computer Systems of Supply Chain, Computer System Engineering.


List of questions/topics for the oral part of the final exam:


For all specializations (integrated management module)

For Industrial Process Engineering specialization (engineering module)

For Construction Industry specialization (engineering module)

For Material Handling and Logistics specialization (engineering module)


Evaluation of the final exam

The oral exam is evaluated on a five-point scale by the members of the committee. Final grade for the final exam will be decided on in a closed sitting. In case of equal votes the committee chair will decide. Final exam results will be announced by the committee chair. A note of the final exam will be taken. The marking scheme contains the diploma grade and the grades awarded for the different parts of the final exam.

Improving failed final exam
In order to obtain diploma final exam has be retaken - according to Rules and Regulations of the University - if any of its part is a fail. The ensuing final exam period is the soonest that the re-sit is allowed.


Final exam board
Committee chair is called upon and mandated by the dean with the consent of the Faculty Council. He/she is selected from the acknowledged and well-known external experts of the professional field or the professors of the University. The final exam board consists of – besides the chairman – at least two members and the required number of examiners. The mandate of the final exam board is limited to a year. Students are allocated to different examination boards by the department.

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