For Freshmen

Registering subjects

You can list the offered subjects in your neptun under “Subjects”, then “Register for subjects”. When registering, term 2022/23/1 should be selected. (More detailed description here.)

One optional subject is suggested for this semester. About the optional subjects you can read here:


Hungarian language course (compulsory only for Stipendium Hungaricum holders!)

From the 2020/2021 academic year onwards, new Stipendium Hungaricum holder students - both undergraduate and graduate - are required to complete 2 semesters of Hungarian as a foreign language. If they fail to do so, they will lose the scholarship and have to finance their studies on their own. Language classes will be free of charge and provided by the Coordinating Centre for International Education.
The courses consist of 40 classes (2x2 classes/week). They will start later than the normal classes and last for 10 weeks. You can find a detaild guide here:

For self financed students we offer these courses as optional subjects, but are not compulsory.



Some additional remarks 

When you list the courses for registering in the neptun system, you can see notations like these: 

(H): Monday

(K): Tuesday

(SZE): Wednesday

(CS): Thursday

(P): Friday

(SZO): Saturday

(V): Sunday

You can find the classrooms, lecture halls with the help of this site. 


You can find a detailed guide about the semester start here. 

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