Neptun guide

The Neptun Education System is the electronic educational system used by University of Debrecen. The total administration of your studies (registration for trainings, courses, exams, issuing your diploma etc.) is managed in this system.

You can find the neptun log in surface on this link.    

You can find a detailed user guide on this link. 

A detailed guide about payment via neptun

Frequently asked questions

What is the neptun code?

The Neptun code is your administrative university ID. You cannot change and you need to use it for all administration which you might face. Make sure you remember it.

How to optimize your neptun messages? 

Please check your Neptun messages and emails on a daily basis because they are primary means of information channel at the university.
Please ensure that your email address on Neptun (under “My data”, “Contact information”, “Email addresses”) is up-to-date. Amend it if necessary because most Neptun messages (sent by lecturers, administrators) are automatically forwarded to the email address given on Neptun. Automatic Neptun messages (grade modifications, exam date announcement, subject/course registration) are not necessarily forwarded to your email address. On Neptun under "Messages" (menu bar on the left), please select "Settings", then "Message Forwarding". Here you can select what type of Neptun messages (for e.g. messages concerning exam grade registration, messages concerning subject/course registration) you wish to be forwarded to your email address indicated on Neptun.


Should I check my data in the Neptun system?
It is of utmost importance as your degree certificate (diploma) will be issued with the personal data (for e.g. first name, family name, mother’s name, country of birth, place of birth, etc...) saved in the neptun system. 
Please check them on Neptun under “My data”, “Personal information”. Should anything be missing or wrong, please contact your administrator.


Last update: 2023. 09. 28. 07:48