SMARTMAT Material Science Laboratory

The aim of the lab
To study and develop metallic and ceramic systems and new types of composites consisting of these phases. Research into applications and technologies that can be used to produce composites with reinforcing components in the nanometre range.

Competences of the laboratory
Creation, development and testing of new composite materials. Determination of Newtonian and non-Newtonian flow parameters of metal, composite melts, ceramic melts, and stability of metal emulsions.
Main equipment and tools of the laboratory

  • Hitachi TM 3030 Table TOP electron microscope + Bruker EDX detector
    •  Funktion: determination of material structure and chemical composition 
  • Sample preparation automatic cutting and polishing equipment
    • Function: sample preparation for material testing
  • Brookfield rheometer 
    • Function: flow properties of liquids, suspensions, emulsions



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