Examining the Macroeconomic Impact of Digitalisation and Robotisation

Researchers: Judit T. Kiss PhD, Zsolt Buri


The process of globalisation, the emergence of knowledge-intensive industries and knowledge-based economies is increasing competition and raising the importance of competitiveness. In the process of adapting to the challenges of a changing economic environment, it is essential to recognise the short and long-term impacts of digital development. This research aims to identify the economic and social impacts of digitalisation and robotisation. In the economic analysis of the relationship between digital development, sophistication and efficiency, it is of particular importance to identify the macroeconomic effects of the progress of digital development, i.e. the macroeconomic effects of the change from a given level of digital development and/or sophistication already achieved. In particular, the research aims to investigate the relationship between macroeconomic performance and digital development and the impact of digitalisation and robotisation on labour market supply and demand.

Last update: 2023. 09. 05. 15:03