Testing of Warehouse Management Systems Supported by Drone Technology

Researcher: Csanád Sipos

Target group: logistics companies and warehouses. 

The aim is to study the benefits of replacing and supporting old traditional technologies in the warehouse with drone technology by carrying out a simulation and feasibility study. The existing warehouse management system, the labelling system for goods/ deliveries/materials and the design of the warehouse for the most appropriate solution or technology. 

The aim of the research is to optimise and improve the quality and efficiency of the warehouse management system and reduce costs by using drone technology.  

-    How does technology affect the warehouse management system in logistics companies and warehouses, optimising warehouse quality and efficiency and reducing operating costs? 
-    How can the drone technology be easily modified, upgraded and connected to the ERP system and material tagging system?

Last update: 2023. 09. 28. 08:31