The Economic Impact of Digital Transformation and Corporate Training on Business Competitiveness

Researcher: Judit T. Kiss PhD


Globalisation, digitalisation, the emergence of knowledge-intensive industries, and knowledge-based economies have intensified competition and increased the importance of corporate competitiveness. As a result, in addition to traditional resources, human knowledge, human capital, and digital capital have become increasingly important. The relationship between digital development, corporate training as an investment in human capital, and corporate competitiveness and performance can be examined at two levels (micro- and macroeconomic).
At the microeconomic level, the research can contribute to the exploration of the relationship between corporate competitiveness, effectiveness and the management of digital development, as well as the investigation of the role of digital capital and human capital. The research partly seeks an answer to whether it is possible to identify company factors that can promote the contribution of company-specific or general training and human and digital capital to increase company competitiveness.

Last update: 2023. 09. 05. 15:03