Industry 5.0 - Lean low-cost process improvement

Researchers: István Budai PhD, Judit T. Kiss PhD


Background: Since 2010, the department has been researching economic and technical solutions for the targeted industrial application of Lean methods.

Objective: The main goal is to develop Lean-based process methods that can be used in the classic automotive and food processing, pharmaceutical, and health industries. They reduce the need for live labour and result in high added value by focusing on zero or low-cost process development.
We use a  real industrial configuration model factory and lean lab to implement service development, built from self-learning collaborative robot arm systems and freely configurable production cell systems. 


Focus areas: simulation of different supply chain types – material and information flow analysis and optimisation. Digital process planning, development of process simulation and decision support models push and pull production and multi-periodic production scheduling, and human-machine interface (Human-Machine Interface, HMI).

Implementation: DE Faculty of Engineering Lean Laboratory, Process Engineering Competence Laboratory and Model Factory

Last update: 2023. 09. 05. 15:03