Schedule of the final semester

In case you are eligible to take the state exam in 2023/24/2, you should keep following deadlines:


Checking the list of completed subjects and sending a feedback to Ms Zita Szilágyi to 

Subject check lists

Starting year Industrial Process Engineering Specialization Construction Industry Specialization  Material Handling and Logistics Specialization 

2019/2020 and 


Subject check list - Industrial Process Engineering specialization - starting year 2019 or 2020 Subject check list - Construction Industry specialization - starting year 2019 or 2020 Subject check list - Material Handling and Logistics specialization - starting year 2019 or 2020
2021/2022 soon soon soon


Please download your curriculum from this page and go through all the subjects to make sure all prerequisites are meet to graduate in this semester.

Please use the surface in the neptun system Studies > Gradebook > All terms. Only subjects where the green tick is to see are really completed. Make sure you don't have offered, but not accepted grades or declined subjects. 



Credits defined by the curriculum


Internship Accepted thesis Work and Fire Safety course Physical Education course


Engineering Management MSc


120 credits

(6 credits optional subjects)

yes yes yes yes


Strategic Engineering and Sustainability Leadership postgraduate program


60 credits no yes yes no


Lean Engineer / Lean Manager postgraduate program


60 credits no yes yes no

Please check whether or not
-    you completed all subjects in your curriculum or you are registered for them in this semester,
-    you completed criterium subjects if relevant (see table above) or you are registered for them in this semester,
-    you completed pre-master subjects (on Engineering Management MSc if relevant).

If you find a problem in previous semesters (e.g. unaccepted offered grade), let Ms Zita Szilágyi know and she helps you!
You have to do this, because without the completion of all requirements you are not allowed to graduate and if you forgot to complete a subject - even just Work and Fire Safety -, you are still in time to register for it. 
By optional subjects, please check the credit points, it should be at least 6 credits and some of the optionals have only 1 or 2 credits, like German language or Hungarian language.
At the end of the semester a checking of the completion is made also by the Faculty.


Signing up for final exam - deadline 3 March, 2024


After Ms Zita Szilágyi confirms your check list, you have to register for the final exam period in the neptun system between 19 September and 3 October, 2023. You can drop the final exam till 4 April, 2024. 

In your neptun please go to "Administration", "Final exams". To register for a final exam period, please click on the icon at the end of the row, and select "Register/Edit registration" in the menu. 

In order to take the final exam, please note:

  • If you have unpaid items (also tuition fees or library fines) on Neptun, please pay them off till the end of the study period.
  • You have to complete the subject Work and Fire Safety Training.
  • On Engineering Management MSc you need one semester of Physical Education signed on Neptun. On postgraduate programs no PE is needed!
  • On Engineering Management MSc you need to complete 6 credit points of optional courses (Please, check carefully the credit points of each subject, as some have 2 credits!) On postgraduate program no optional courses are needed!


Submission of the thesis sheet: till 20 March, 2024


Please fill out the form on this link to submit the details of your thesis.  Part of the thesis will be the thesis sheet, a numbered, by the head of the Department signed document. The question on the form are necessary for preparing this document, therefore please fill it out carefully!


Study period for graduating students: 12 February, 2024 - 12 April, 2024 (9 weeks)

Exam period for graduating students: 15 April, 2024 - 17 May, 2024 (5 weeks)


In case you are taking non-finalist courses (courses which are not in the final semester of the curriculum), the study period (14 teaching weeks) lasts until 17 May, 2024. Still, those courses need to be completed until the aforementioned deadline (which is grade submission deadline for graduands), otherwise graduands are not allowed to take the state exam in this semester. Please inform the instructors on time that you are a graduating student and there is a grade submission deadline for graduands. In case of non-finalist courses instructors can be requested but may not be obliged to provide graduands with exam opportunities in the exam period for graduating students. In the exam/test graduands need to give account of the 14-week teaching material.

Until Friday 17 May, 2024 every necessary grade should have been submitted on Neptun.


Thesis submission (upload in the e-learning system and submission of the printed version): 7 May, 2024

Uploading the Thesis to DEA (the Electronic Archive of the University of Debrecen): 29 May, 2024

Submission of the evaluation of the Thesis: 29 May, 2024

Ppt upload in the e-learning system: 6 June, 2024


About the requirements of thesis please read this webpage


The date of the Final exam: one of the following days: 11, 12 or 13  June, 2024


Every student will have both parts of the final exam on the same day. The exact schedule will be announced later. 

About the final exam please read this webpage


Graduation Ceremony: 6th July, 2024



Please meet the deadline above! Late submissions will not be considered!

If for some reasons you cannot come to the state exam, please notify your administrator.

You can read about the job-searching visa here. 

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